REVIEWS from Clients

“Yojiro is an expert in his field and his classes have a perfect balance of technique and exploration, thoroughness and fun. Regular classes with Yo have helped me grow my awareness of my singing voice which I will apply to future auditions and theatre work. I feel he tailors the class to my needs and I look forward to exploring further with him.”

-Susan Hingley, actress

“I came to my first session with Yojiro with bad singing habits, tensions while singing and unaware of how to build my singing voice consistently.
After a few sessions, I started to really see good progress in the areas we were working on.
Yojiro really knows what he’s talking about. He’s a really nice and supportive person which helps to build a good work relationship and grow my self-confidence.”

-Audrey L’Ebrellec, actress

‘Yojiro helps you find and maximize your real voice, with his profound understanding on singing mechanism and bodywork from his vast experience on stage work. His teaching is fun, creative, as well as precise. He won’t even miss the smallest tone that could improve, and with his advice, I could immediately notice the difference. Working with him gave me completely new perspectives on how to interact with my voice, and has been full of new discoveries!’

-Ikuyo Taniguchi, actress







“歌詞が明瞭に聴こえ、6拍子における二連符を丁寧に歌うなど、歌唱が行き届いているのが優れた点の一つだ。:One of the prominent things about this production was the vocal supervision. I didn’t find any problem in understanding the Japanese lyrics which is quite rare in translated musicals and could see that the vocal of actors were well supervised very much in details.”

小山内 伸, Theatre ArtsシアターアーツTITANIC the musical批評より

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