Our Artistic Director, Yojiro has directed ‘Tapestry’ as a part of ‘Xposed‘ presented by Full Disclosure Theatre.

Written by Fergus Church
Directed by Yojiro Ichikawa Hassall
Assistant Directed by Gintarė Gaigalaitė
Performed by Evan Horton

Southwark Playhouse
11th February 2018 7:30pm


“It was nice to see lighting used effectively in this larger space, particularly in Tapestry by Fergus Church, and directed by Yojiro Ichikawa Hassall. Evan Horton’s wonderful performance of a young man struggling to show feelings of affection in public, quite simply bowled me over.”
Theatre Weekly

“What an opener to the evening this was. —- Making full use of the performance area, Director Yojiro Ichikawa Hassall moved Evan around a lot so as Owen enters a new room in the National, so Evan is in a different part of the stage. Even himself, has a great stage presence and voice and gives Owen’s happiness and fear real identity as the story unfolds.”
London Theatre1

“The show began with Tapestry, a monologue by Fergus Church in which Evan Horton played an out-but-not-quite proud gay man on a date at the National Gallery. This was the highlight of the evening for me, largely because of the exceptional quality of Horton’s performance: he perfectly captured the physicality of his character and the contrast between his self-confidence and his anxiety about holding hands in public. This is an emotionally truthful play”
Everything Theatre