Client Testimonials お客様の声 – Monologue Lab


I have worked with Yojiro for three shows. Not only is he extremely talented and having clear vision and aesthetics as a director, but he is also professional, hilarious and a sensible communicator. He draws the best performance out of each actor and makes them shine in the story. Working with Yojiro is just so fun!

  • Natsumi Kuroda (Actor), 黒田菜摘(俳優)

I worked with Yojiro as an actor for ‘Pearl and Dagger’ and appreciated his process of workshopping the story very much. He encouraged us to explore the material and to be playful with how we tell the story, while keeping true to the vision of the production. His patience, creativity, and open-mindedness, made it a fulfilling project that was enjoyed by us and the audience.

  • Earle Figuracion (Actor)

As an actor and stage performer what you would expect from director is a mix between skills, humanity, passion, savoir-faire, and a likeable personality. Yojiro has this wonderful combination which makes of him a 5-stars-professional. In addition, his ability to bring in his expertise in movement, dance, and unexpected subtle innovative creative elements to the stage direction was exemplar…no wonder BroadwayWorld Uk praised Yojiro. A true creative gem.

  • Sok-ho Trinn (Actor)

As a director, Yojiro is a master storyteller. He has a great way of getting to the very heart of a scene, discovering it’s meaning, and then figuring out the best way to choreograph and symbolise it through physicality and blocking. He then has the ability to fill this framework with something that is fully expressed in form whilst still being authentic, truthful and beautiful. Working this way collaboratively as an actor, creating ever evolving pieces with his vision has been an absolute joy. The process of being able to ‘play’ in order to find a moment which serves the character and story is a wonderful reminder of why we do what we do.

  • Paul Reynolds (Actor)