From Up Here 2014

We are delighted to announce the tour production of FROM UP HERE in 2014 following the successfull London premiere.

From Up Here is a new musical by writer and West-End performer Aaron Lee Lambert originally produced by Pitch Perfect in 2012.

From Up Here 2013

Set entirely on Brooklyn Bridge – exactly halfway between Brooklyn and Manhattan – the show explores time, change and the choices that shape the lives of five very different people. With a finely written book and a vibrant, beautiful and often witty musical score, From Up Here is an unforgettable musical, and one which dares to ask the question “what makes life worth living?”

This production is a unique fusion of modern and ancient theatre traditions, with a typically Broadway sound and story combined with visual elements of Japanese Noh theatre. Blurring the lines between reality and dream, the show explores what it is to hope, to wish, to despair: to live.?


“Kept me captivated throughout”

  • Russel Hartley, The Audience Club member

“Wonderful… Finely realised… touching and truthful…”

  • Melly Still, Director; From Morning to Midnight and Coram Boy; National Theatre

“Full of physicality and collaborative activity”

  • Broadway Baby

“A convincing and touching performance”

  • A Younger Theatre

“Yojiro’s production oozes with charm and creativity”

  • Aaron Lee Lambert, the composer


£12 (£11 concessions)


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30/July 9:00
31/July 9:00
1/Aug 9:00
2/Aug 9:00
3/Aug 9:00

Camden People’s Theatre

58-60 Hampstead Road
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19/Aug 7:30
20/Aug 7:30
21/Aug 7:30
22/Aug 7:30
23/Aug 7:30


The Poor School

242 Pentonville Road
King’s Cross
N1 9JY
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We are currently working on fundraising. We would greatly appreciate it if you can support us with the crowd funding!!!!


Emily: Abigail Fancourt
Jill: Tina Jackson
Alan: Giorgio Borghes
Dan: Benjamin Bowen (Camden People’s Theatre), Dan Breakwell (The Poor School),
Henry: Anthony Trott (Camden People’s Theatre), Tom Murphy (The Poor School),



(alphabetical order)

Written by Aaron Lee Lambert
Presented by arrangement with Perfect Pitch
Originally developed by Perfect Pitch

Director: Yojiro Ichikawa
Producer: Dan Barr, Natsu Watanabe,
Assistant Producers: Ami Ando, Madoka Kamiyama, Manami Oyama, Yuko Watanabe,
Musical Director: Nick Barstow
Stage Manager: Hannah Partington
Lighting Designer: Mark Summers
Sound Designer: Joseph Degnan
Spound Enginner: Jack Bryan
Set Designer: Hiroko Matsuo
Assistant Set Designer: Reiko Tanaka
Costume Stylist: Marie Yagami
Hair Dresser & Make Up Supervisor: Emi Kusaba
Web Management: Kuboon




A Musical by Aaron Lee Lambert

Presented by arrangement with Perfect Pitch

Originally Developed by Perfect Pitch



Supported by



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